Looking to decrease your carbon footprint?

Are you looking to decrease your carbon footprint, whilst reducing your energy supplier costs? Clear Bridge is committed to help businesses drive down their energy consumption.

As well as our commitment to support renewable energy, we are introducing our clients to technology specifically designed to reduce energy consumption.

We work with several partnering energy efficiency companies who all offer slightly different energy reduction products.

We can work with you and our partners on any of the following areas of energy efficiency and we are always looking for more opportunities in this area:

Business Energy Supplier Metering
Business Energy Metering

In terms of energy efficiency, one quick win for business owners is to ensure that you have the correct type of meter installed to match your usage profile. You may have occupied your site for years, but have you ever actually checked to see if you have the right meter type?

Electric Vehicle Chargers
Electric Vehicle Chargers

Clear Bridge Consultancy work with a trusted energy efficiency partner to offer our clients a range of charging solutions to help meet the existing and future demand for businesses, customers and employees. Our partners are on hand to discuss your requirements with you.

Voltage optimisation
Voltage Optimisation

If your business is being supplied by a higher voltage than required, then there will be wasted energy and the knock-on effect is that your electricity bills will be higher than they need to be. Voltage Optimisation (VO) is an energy saving technology used to optimise the incoming power supply.

LED lighting
LED Lighting

Our energy efficiency partners are at the forefront of the latest developments in lighting. They have in place extensive research and development teams dedicated to LED innovation and product design. With their primary objectives to provide the highest quality lighting with the lowest energy demands.

Get in touch to hear more about any of the areas above. The initiatives will not only reduce your energy costs but they will enhance your company's social reputation by committing to a sustainable future.