Over 10% of gas and electric invoices contain billing errors

Bill Validation and Cost Recovery

Did you know that non-commodity charges make up roughly 55% of an electric invoice and 35% of a gas invoice? This complexity really does show the importance of firstly understanding your energy supplier invoices and secondly thoroughly validating them. In fact, if you are not doing this in detail, you are potentially throwing away thousands of pounds each year in supplier overcharges.

We check your monthly invoices against your signed contracts to ensure each of your rates are charged correctly throughout the contract. We fix any overcharges with the water and energy suppliers and importantly we make you aware of undercharges so that a reconciled invoice does not catch you by surprise.

Further to this, we compare the invoiced consumption against the expected consumption, and we flag up discrepancies to you. If you have multiple sites, we can liaise with site contacts to obtain meter readings and we can also arrange smart metering if required.

In addition to checking the contracts that we arrange on your behalf we also review your previous contracts. Any overcharges corrected for electric, gas and water invoices can be backdated up to 6 years.

Allowing Clear Bridge to validate your bills provides you with peace of mind that experts are accurately checking each invoice. It also allows us to understand the profile of your usage to place us in a good position to accurately procure your next contract.