Industry Hints & Tips

Guard against complacency and be proactive

Don’t assume you can only renew towards the end of the contract. Most suppliers can now quote up to 12 months in advance, allowing you to assess the energy market and judge when is the most favourable time to lock in your next contract. In fact, leaving it late simply weakens your position to negotiate with the suppliers. We have real time visibility of market prices and movements to help our clients chose the right time to procure the next contract.

Can you go "Green"?

Enquire with your supplier about their renewable tariffs to boost your company’s green credentials. The majority of suppliers provide this option now, they tend to charge a premium for this option but we work with a handful of suppliers who charge the same prices as their non-green option.

Dissect your energy quotations

...and check the small print

Each energy supplier presents their quotation slightly differently. In order to identify the best energy supplier, it’s very important that you have a clear understanding of what they have included and more importantly what they have excluded from their quote. The hidden charges can come back to bite you unless you make a provision for this. Common exclusions are Climate Change Levy and Feed in Tariff. In addition, with the larger consuming gas and HH electric contracts, it’s very important that you check the “Take or Pay” clause in your contract.

Change your working processes

...and watch the energy consumption plummet

It’s not just about negotiating the lowest contract price to reduce your energy costs. Quite often the quick wins are staring you in the face. Think about ways you and your team can reduce your energy consumption and also consider various energy efficient systems. We partner with several experts in energy efficiency that specifically look at reducing our client’s consumptions levels.