Over 50% of UK businesses now use an external utilities consultant

Energy and Water Procurement

Over 50% of UK businesses now use an external utilities consultant

With over 40 water and energy suppliers in the market presenting a variety of quoting structures, it can be a daunting and time consuming process for businesses to conduct their own in-house energy supplier and water supplier tenders.

It’s vitally important that businesses are aware of the potential hidden costs as well having the time and experience to procure the most suitable contract for their utilities usage profile.

Business utilities procurement is our core service and we complete tenders every week of the year. In brief, we make the process simple and transparent for our clients.

Clear Bridge offer buying strategies to suit both SME’s and larger Corporate businesses. Our expert consultants have over 15 years’ experience making us fully aware of each supplier’s pricing pitfalls and hidden charges. We thoroughly review all quotations making sure we are comparing apples to apples and then present a comprehensive report to you showing our analysis.

Finalising utilities contracts is a key business decision which we can help you with:

  • We would diarise your renewal dates giving you peace of mind that we have the key date in our calendar
  • We can obtain prices up to 18 months in advance of renewal dates, allowing greater flexibility to take advantage of a low wholesale market
  • We monitor the wholesale market and recommend an optimum time to negotiate your renewals
  • We build up a profile of your supplies and prepare the relevant tender documents inviting our suppliers to quote for your business
  • We complete analysis on your usage profile to identify the most suitable tariff for your business
  • We complete detailed quoting analysis and present you with a transparent comparison list showing each supplier's prices and projected annual costs for 12, 24 and 36 months' options.
  • We present green and non-green energy supplier options and explain the financial implications
  • We review your Agreed Supply Capacity to ensure it’s not set too low or too high, both have financial implications
  • We review your MOP and DCDA contracts. Often these are separate from the energy supplier contract
  • We consider your eligibility for CCL and VAT reduction
  • We align contract end dates to allow group tendering and maximise buying power
  • We prepare the relevant contract paperwork leaving you to simply sign on the dotted line
  • We implement the contract, serve notice with your current supplier, and manage the transfer including obtaining readings on the day of the transfer