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With over 15 years' experience, we're here to provide businesses with independent advice on utilities infrastructure, efficiency and cost control.

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As a business owner or director, do you find it too time consuming to actively manage your utilities and telecoms in house? If so, how can you be confident that you are not overpaying?


Businesses Energised


Renewable Energy Contracts

7 million

million kWh Units per year

Energy Supplier and Water Supplier Procurement
Energy and Water Procurement

With over 40 utilities suppliers in the market presenting a variety of quoting structures, it can be a daunting and time consuming process for businesses to conduct their own in-house energy and water tenders.

Bill Validation and Cost Recovery
Bill Validation and Cost Recovery

Did you know that non-commodity charges make up roughly 55% of an electric invoice and 35% of a gas invoice? This complexity really does show the importance of firstly understanding your invoices and secondly thoroughly validating them.

Energy Supplier Account Management
Account Management

Our account management service run by experienced energy consultants has some simple goals. We want to minimise your costs and help free up your time so that you can focus on running your core business.

New Energy Supplier Connections and Metering
New Connections and Metering

Organising new connections and metering can be very time consuming, is rather complicated and can be expensive if you don’t approach the work correctly from the outset.

Energy Supplier Efficiency
Energy Efficiency

Are you looking to decrease your carbon footprint, whilst reducing your energy costs? Clear Bridge is committed to help businesses drive down their energy consumption.

Additional Energy Supplier Services
Additional Services

Our core service focuses on business electric, gas and water, however, we also like to assist with other areas of cost saving such as telecoms, business rates, merchant services and household utilities.


An extension to your business

  • Over 15 years' experience
  • A people business. A friendly and reliable approach
  • Transparency, trust and straight talking
  • Energy supplier experts and 100% independent
  • Dedicated account management and one point of contact
  • Regular wholesale market reviews helping us firstly identify the best energy supplier at various points of the year but also identifying the optimum time to procure contracts for our clients
  • Green and non-green energy supplier prices
  • Multiple energy efficiency initiatives
  • No consultancy fee or tie in. All our recommendations are no obligation
  • Cost recovery including a 6-year backdated audit
  • Telecoms review including phone system advice

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An extension to your business

We work with:

British Gas
Corona Energy
Crown Energy
Gaz Prom
Gulf Gas & Power
Pozitive Energy
Scottish Power
and many more...